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Lawn Mowing

A beautiful Lawn doesn’t happen by itself. Just like grooming yourself takes time, care and love, tailoring your Lawn takes the same effort of time, attention and affection. Ray’s Lawn Mowing will provide you with the best Lawn Mowing service in Sydney.

At Ray’s, you will find a team of hardworking experts, specialising in all kinds of lawn maintenance task. Our professionals are reliable, trustworthy, highly trained and capable of providing the best customer service that will guarantee great satisfaction.

To know further about our Lawn Mowing service, contact 0413 168 676.

lawn mowing

What We offer?

At Ray’s, we have an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment to cut grasses based on all sized Lawns. Here is a detailed information about what we offer to all our clients in Sydney:

    • Lawn Mowing
      With our proper tools, our expert handyman will mow your lawn to the perfection. We provide Lawn Mowing service to all kinds of residential, commercial, public, industrial and private properties. You will witness a fast and efficient job done with the highest care possible.
    • Lawn Edging
      If you want to get that picture perfect garden edge, Ray’s Lawn Mowing is your ideal choice! We will ensure that you will receive the Lawn Edge you have always wanted.
    • Lawn Care
      At Ray’s, we offer you all kinds of Lawn Care facilities that include- fertilising, turf laying, repair, weed cleaning, pest control, aeration, coring and top dressing.
    • Strata Care
      Strata Care is as important as taking care of your private lawn. For this, we have various offers to help maintain your Strata industry clean and tidy. We will implement facilities such as, garden and landscape maintenance, landscape upgrading, cleaning and removing unwanted grass and weeds and provide all kinds of lawn care facilities.
    • Commercial Maintenance
      A Commercial property can be a high-rise building containing shops and offices or it can be located on one vast acre of land, containing number of offices. Hundreds of people journey to and fro from such Commercial properties. Ray’s Lawn Mowing helps to provide maintain a polished garden or a lawn. We will provide a professional look for the lawn in your commercial complex.
    • Weed Removal
      Weeds are the unwanted plants growing where they are not supposed to grow. Weeds can be hazardous to the growing plants in your garden or lawn. Weeds take all the nutrients and water from the soil, leaving the plants and flowers to suffer. This is why Weed Removal is very important. We will get rid of all the weeds from your garden and restore the soil’s nourishments for the actual plants.
    • Topsoiling
      Topsoiling is important if you want to grow healthy plants of fruits, flowers or vegetables. Topsoil is the outermost top layer of the soil and this layer has the highest amount of organic substances and microorganisms. This is where fertilisers are required to enrich the soil further. Ray’s will offer you the best quality fertilisers for your topsoil.
    • Whipper Snipper
      Whipper Snipper is a tool that is used to cut grass that are on irregular and uneven surfaces. Whipper Snipper is also known as String Trimmers, Strimmers, Lawn Trimmers or Weed Eaters. This machine can be powered by petrol, electricity or can be battery operated. The main task of a Whipper Snipper is to maintain the length of the grass
      and to trim them perfectly.

We are here to provide your lawn with the lush green grass that will stay alive and fresh for years to come.

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Want to make your garden look like taken straight from a book? You don’t have to live in a mansion for that! You have Ray’s Lawn Mowing who will provide you top-class service at affordable price! Contact 0413 168 676.

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