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Ray’s Lawn Mowing Offers the Best Garden for Your Property in Sydney

Your Garden can be your masterpiece. Creating a masterpiece is never easy. It requires extra care, extra effort and more love. A professional gardener can help you to make your dream Garden come true. At Ray’s Lawn Mowing, we are offering the best Gardening Care option in Sydney.

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Ray’s Lawn Mowing in Sydney has the ability to tailor the perfect garden for you. We have a team of very experienced Gardeners who will take that extra effort to produce your dream Garden. Whether you are the owner of a residential, a commercial property owner or a Stata industry proprietor, we will customize and maintain your garden. We can incorporate a wide selection of flowers, edible/ inedible plants, scenic landscapes and open spaces.


Exclusive Gardening & Garden Revamping in Sydney

At Ray’s Lawn Mowing, you will find our skilled team handling weeding, pruning, hedging, mulching and more in a very professional manner. We have all types of advanced tools for planting to removing wastes. We render the following service for your benefit:

  • Gardening
    Gardening involves the implementation of fertilizing and growing plants of all kinds. Ray’s offer various Gardening option for you.
    We have the Edible Garden, where you have the privilege to select a wide range of edible plants to grow in your garden. These plants range from fruits to all kinds of vegetables.
    We have the Non Edible Garden. Here, you can decorate your garden with your favourite flowers- blossoming from trees to small plants.
  • Planting
    For all kinds of landscaping purposes, we offer Planting for a more enriched garden. Sowing can be difficult and has various processes that you require to follow. We offer professional help to make your trees and plants grow efficiently and properly.
  • Weeding
    Why is Weeding essential for growing a proper garden? Weeds can grow in your garden and absorb the nutrients and water from the soil, not permitting enough for the actual plants to take in. Our skilled expert will provide a professional Weeding service to remove all the weeds from your garden.
  • Hedging
    A perfect hedge looks more natural and adds extra glamour to your beautiful garden. Regardless of what sized garden you have, we, at Ray’s, use state-of-the-art tools to provide the picture perfect straight line and neat cuts. If you want designs, we can do that too!
  • Shrub Pruning
    We will snip the unwanted branches and tidy up the entire place and clear away all the wastes in your garden.
  • Mulching
    We provide Mulching facility where unwanted branches or trees obstruct the garden. We will remove all kinds of debris produced due to storm or other natural or man-made disasters.
  • Yard Clean-ups
    Ray’s provide Yard Clean-ups to ensure your lawn remains neat and tidy after all the mowing, pruning, trimming or whenever you feel like you need to keep your yard look clean and fresh.
  • Garden Waste Removal
    Garden Waste Removal is one of our sought-after facilities at Ray’s. Removing all the wastes produced in your yard is very challenging. Hiring a professional is the best option because we have the proper equipment and facility to remove the wastes from your garden.
  • Weed Spraying
    We provide safe Weed Spraying service to keep your garden and lawn free of growing weeds.
  • Strata & Commercial
    The lawns and gardens in Strata industries and commercial complexes must be kept clean, neat, properly trimmed and free of weeds. We will help you achieve a brilliantly perfect finish for all sorts of Strata and Commercial gardens.
  • Garden Maintenance
    Garden Maintenance depends on individual’s wish. We provide a thorough maintenance program that can last for the entire year or quarterly. Call any time you want to receive the best professional Garden Maintenance facility from us!
  • Property Maintenance
    Your property can contain a simple, plain lawn or can be decorated with various kinds of shrubs and plants to make it look bright, colourful and attractive. Ray’s will help you with the ultimate Property Maintenance you have always wished for!

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